Pay Equity

Pay Equity Day is the day women’s wages match those of men. In 2014 Governor McAuliffe signed a proclamation making April 8, 2014 Equal Pay Day in Virginia thanks to the work of Leslie Tourigny, VA Public Policy chair.

Equal Pay in any form that achieves improvements that can be made had not been on the mind of the General Assembly. Leslie and AAUW members from around the state handed petitions to the Governor, Lt. Governor and House Speaker on AAUW’s during a February visit to the capitol in Richmond. This topic had not been a legislative item for the General Assembly. The fact that the Govrenor named the day had significance for future action. The proclamation was a symbolic step but still important in having women’s issues recognized for their impact on everyday lives

Be an advocate for Pay Equity. AAUW National provides direction on advocacy through its Two Minute Activist program. Using this link Write a letter you can easily become an advocate by contacting your legislator in real time, i.e., online.

Look for information about future Pay Equity events on the branch calendar.