Scholarship Awards

Branch Local Scholarship

Beginning in 2015, the AAUW Reston-Herndon Branch established a $1000 scholarship for a Northern Virginia Community College (NVCC) student who meets the following criteria:

  1. A female student resident in one of the following zip codes:
Herndon Reston Sterling Ashburn Leesburg
20170 20190 20163 20146 20175
20171 20191 20164 20147 20176
20172 20192 20165 20148 20177
20192 20194 20166 20149 20178
22095 20195 20167 22093
20170 20196
20171 22095
20172 22096
    2. The student must:
  • attend the Loudoun Campus either on a full-time or part-time basis;
  • demonstrate financial need by completing a FAFSA (Federal Application for Federal Student Aid);
  • maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0;
  • have successfully completed 12 credit hours to apply; and,
  • major in a STEM field.

Strong preference is given to re-entry female students. The scholarship can potentially cover two 3 credit courses with residual monies for books.

The NVCC Educational Foundation oversees the awarding of scholarships.  The foundation has approximately $500,000 in scholarship money available from a wide source of donors on an annual basis. There is a $4000 cap per year that can be awarded to a student.

Selection Process

The 2016 AAUW Reston-Herndon Branch scholarship recipient was selected by the NVCC Scholarship Committee.

The 2016 recipient is Christina Smart, a second year student majoring in Pre-medicine focusing on anatomy and physiology at the Loudoun Campus.

Scholarship Monies

The NVCC Educational Foundation maintains an individual account for scholarship winners who then receive credits towards tuition/ books. In the case of our branch scholarship, the student may utilize $500 increments for the upcoming fall and spring semester unless the student chooses to use the total monies in the fall or spring semester.


In 2017 our branch will receive an accounting of our scholarship balance. It is anticipated that the $1000 will be utilized in full by the student. If there is residual balance it will remain as a credit for the next school year for a new scholarship winner. Funding is in place for both 2017 and 2018.


Future Intentions

It is the intention of our branch to continue the annual NVCC scholarship subject to our fundraising success. We typically raise funds through basket raffles at our holiday luncheon held in November and theater events.