2 minute Activist: Use AAUW Political Action Tools

Make YOUR Voice Heard. Get Issue Updates.

The AAUW Action Network offers ultra-convenient, online issues updates paired with personalized e-mail forms to use to generate a message to your member(s) of Congress. 

What’s offered? You can:two minute clock with activist written in text 1_sized unframed

  1. Become a Two-Minute Activist—enter your email to receive urgent e-mail notices on key pending issues, and be able to contact your members of Congress via a few quick keystrokes.
  2. Immediately below that, access links to a library of current issue reports (Education, Civil Rights, Economic Security, Title IX).  Each link lets you generate an advocacy email to your Congressperson.

Find the Two Minute Activist page.

Note:  On our Home Page (bottom right) and to the right on this page, the  Virginia Public Policy/Legislative Agenda section displays the latest real-time advocacy News Feeds from AAUW.