Support AAUW Initiatives: Fund Descriptions

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Whether you believe it most important to protect the rights of those facing discrimination, to provide educational opportunities or to advocate with a powerful voice, there are many ways you can give. AAUW is grateful for your support and believes that you should decide which programs to support and the best way for you to give a donation.

Give to AAUW Greatest Needs Fund
The AAUW Fund, which has historically acted as the organization’s general fund, was re-named the Greatest Needs Fund in the newly adopted AAUW Strategic Plan. It is comprised of unrestricted gifts which are moved to specific programs or projects to be used when and where they are most needed. Contributing to the Greatest Need Fund  prevents “overfunding” and “underfunding” of areas that keep AAUW from reaching our full mission potential. Because Greatest Needs funding is unrestricted, it gives AAUW the most flexibility to address the challenges today’s women face and seek new programs and opportunities. AAUW appreciates every day and dollar our members spend working for us, and we’re particularly grateful for these donations that give us the flexibility to maximize your impact. Donate today!

Several specific funds are currently “overfunded” so members are encouraged to choose to contribute to an area which needs on-going support. The areas which are not accepting additional funding are they are “fully funded” at this point are the Eleanor Roosevelt Fund, Legal Advocacy Fund, and Fellowships & Grants.

In addition to the Greatest Need Fund, the branch leadership also recommends contributions to Economic Security Fund, Leadership Fund (#2505) and Education & Training Fund and Governance and Sustainability.

Economic Security: Three goals: pay equity by 2030; career pathways for women without barriers and biases; and secure women’s economic  security and quality of life. Work Smart and Start Smart contributions go to the Economic Security Fund #4449.


Education and Training:  Address the barriers and implicit biases that hinder advancement of women. Goals: train 10 million women in salary negotiation by 2022; establish recurring program activities that support the AAUW mission.



Leadership: Two goals: bolster the advancement of women and girls in leadership roles throughout life and advance the number of women in leadership. This includes increasing women serving on governing and advisory boards, which branches can support by working to train and foster more women in their branch and community to seek positions on local boards.


Governance and Sustainability: Best practices in governance, organizational and financial sustainability. Member contributions and  here. will support the NCCWSL conference and its continuation andLegacy Circle.



In the past, AAUW’s National membership dues covered the costs of managing and running mission-based programs. Though membership numbers have remained steady the past several years, program costs have risen annually. AAUW national membership dues cover just 30 percent of the funds needed to support the mission-based programs and advocacy efforts that are fundamental to AAUW’s ongoing effectiveness.

Learn more about donating at the AAUW website


AAUW is a top-rated 501(c)(3) charity; therefore, donations are tax deductible.*
AAUW, the National organization, is a 501(c)(3) charity; like almost all AAUW branches, AAUW Reston-Herndon Area Branch is a 501(c)(4) organization, so under IRS regulations, branch donations are not tax deductible. AAUW national membership dues are $59, of which $56 is tax deductible as a charitable contribution. The remaining $3 is not tax deductible because it supports the AAUW Action Fund’s section 501(c)(4) Capitol Hill Lobby Corps and get-out-the-vote activities. Student dues are $18.81, of which $16.81 is tax deductible and $2 is not. AAUW national life membership is $1,180 and is fully tax deductible.