Mentoring Program

Our branch is very interested in mentoring girls, teen-agers and young women of all ages. Unfortunately, our long-time Mentoring Program at a local elementary school was suspended last year due to a lack of mentor volunteers and administrative issues. The branch leadership is working on re-evaluating the program, eliminating obstacles and recruiting new mentors. As a branch, we are still committed to this important mission.

The original program, held at a local elementary school, was designed for female students in grades three through six. The local school counselor identified students who could benefit from a one-on-one relationship in which the mentor served as a positive role model and provided adult social interaction. Volunteer Mentors were able to opt for mentor, co-mentor or substitute status. All mentors were subject to background checks and training as required and administered by Fairfax County Public Schools. Our program ran for approximately 30 weeks, starting in October and ending in June. Mentors met with their students each Tuesday after school until 4:30 p.m. in the school library. The program leaders provided guidelines to help the mentor decide on how to best work with the individual student. Click the following link to learn more about this program from two of our former mentor-coordinators at Forest Edge Elementary School in Reston.

10 things to know about our tremendous Mentoring Program by Fran Lovaas and Judi Ornoff.(Printable pdf)



If you are interested in helping in this Mentoring Program renewal effort, please email your name, mention “mentor program” as an area of interest, and list your contact information to A member of the  Board of Directors  will contact you for further discussion.

More interested in starting a STEM Program? Email and leave your name, mention “STEM” as an area of interest, and list your contact information. A member of the  Board of Directors  will contact you for further discussion.